Allongée’s New Weekly Happy Hour Class Is Everything You Could Ever Want

Allongée | Photo via Facebook

Allongée | Photo via Facebook

Allongeé is truly a fitness studio after our own heart. First the Beyoncé class, and now a happy hour class? Yes, you heard me right. Allongeé Studio, in Old City will kick off its weekly summer happy hour class — with free libations! — this Wednesday, July 22nd, at 7 p.m.

Here’s the deal: First, you’ll get your sweat on in a 75-minute bikiniLOGIC class with a Vinyasa cool-down. Then, you’ll sip on some well-earned free cocktails. Talk about the perfect incentive to never skip your Wednesday workout ever again.

Each class will run you $25 and they’ll be happening every Wednesday throughout the rest of the summer. So if you can’t make it tomorrow, you’ll have plenty more opportunities. Happy sweating — and sipping!

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