Because This Weather Sucks: Insanely Fun Living Room Workouts to Do Today

These routines are excuse-proof.

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When the weather is as gloomy as it is today, a trip to the gym can be a hard sell. But there’s no reason you can’t get your heart rate up without leaving the blessed indoors, and, as these videos prove, have fun doing it, too. We’ve rounded up eight seriously fun (really!), free, no-equipment-needed workout videos that will keep you nice and dry — actually scratch that, you’ll be working up quite the sweat. They range from 10 minutes to over an hour, so pick whichever floats your boat, find some space in your casa, and hit play.

High Energy Indoor Cardio Workout

Cassey Ho, the trainer behind, brings you a ten-minute workout that will leave your heart pounding and your forehead glistening. Her bouncing-off-the-walls energy levels will keep your mood up whatever the weather.

“Become Beyoncé” Totally Body Vixen Workout

No need to go out in the rain — this video brings the club to you! This ten-minute dance workout is made up of sequences of sexy, calorie-burning moves your favorite divas bust all the time, inspired by Janet Jackson, J. Lo, and Queen Bey herself. Anyone else’s workout dreams just come true?

Cardio Dance Abs Workout

This one is also short and sweet. Actually short and sweaty is probably more accurate. In this ten-minute routine, the always loud and fun Keaira LaShae proves there’s no need for tedious crunches to dance your way to a leaner midsection.

“Dance Your Way Into Skinny Jeans” Workout

If you love to get your groove on, this is the workout for you. This thirty minute video incorporates intense dance cardio moves throughout along with moves aimed at toning some lean dancer legs. And there’s always room to add your own flair.

Marching In Malibu Workout

You’ll definitely forget all about the rain with this workout. Instructor Jenny Ford leads you in this moderate-intensity 30-minute step-aerobics class from the sunny beach in Malibu.

Throwback Workout: MTV’s The Grind

Whether you watched the MTV dance series in the 90s or not, this workout is the ultimate dance party. They take you step by step and then full-speed through some pretty challenging dance routines for 45 butt-busting minutes. And don’t worry if you can’t keep up: you can keep rewinding until you get the steps.

Tae Bo Kickboxing Workout

If being stuck inside makes you stir crazy, this workout will get out all your frustrations. Lovable trainer Billy Blanks somehow puts you in a good mood while simultaneously turning you into a fierce boxing animal in this hour-long video.

The Ultimate Dance Workout That Takes You Back to the 80s

The attire these instructors are sporting will make you laugh but in an hour and fifteen minutes you’ll get a complete workout all while dancing your troubles away.

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