Yes, Yes, Yes: Ben & Jerry’s Is About to Make Vegans Very Happy



Back in October, we told you guys about a petition urging Ben & Jerry’s to please, please, pretty please add vegan ice cream to their very long list of offerings. And it looks like they listened!

As the company told the Huffington Post, “Our Flavor Gurus are always in the lab looking at ways we can bring the fun and indulgence of Ben & Jerry’s to new fans. A nondairy dessert is something we are working on, because everyone has the right to enjoy great dessert.” Vegan Ben & Jerry’s fans can expect to get their hands on some dairy-free ice cream sometime next yea, the company told the Huffington Post. Victory!

Sidenote: Do you think “Flavor Guru” is an official title in the magical kingdom that is Ben & Jerry’s Land?

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