Bust Out Your Sneakers: Pennsylvania Hiking Week Starts Tomorrow

We know what you'll be doing this weekend.

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

We know what you’ll be doing this weekend: A whole lot of hiking. Pennsylvania Hiking Week kicks off tomorrow, Saturday, May 30th and runs through Sunday, June 7th. And, to celebrate, there are nearly 100 group hikes planned across the state throughout the week — so bust out your sneakers, people!

You can check out the full lineup of scheduled hikes here, though some are pretty far out (Pennsylvania is a pretty large state, after all). Or, if you want to celebrate on your own, check our list of the best hiking trails here, or play around with this super-cool app which helps you find secret hiking trails (like the Wawa Preserve!) around eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. And you’ll probably want to pack a few of these picnic snacks before you head out. Happy trails, folks!

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