Pack the Perfect Picnic: 10 Insanely Delicious Recipes for a Weekend Picnic



This weekend’s forecast calls for 70-degree weather and sunny skies, and you know what that means? It means the only season that matters has officially arrived: picnic-season. Eeeeeee! There is nothing I love more than soaking up some vitamin D with my dog lounging next to me, a Scrabble board in front of me and friends surrounding me. Oh! And I can’t forget the most important picnic essential: food. So. Much. Food. (Because a good Scrabble game requires ample amounts of brain-food. Duh.)

But making food for a picnic can be a tricky task: You want dishes that taste good cold, won’t get soggy, and are easily packed. This combo is pretty tough to find, which is why, come picnic-season, many folks resort to the most lack-luster meal of all time: a turkey sandwich on whole wheat.

To help you avoid this boring, brown-bag-lunch fate, we’ve rounded up a bunch of easy, healthy, picnic-friendly recipes for you to choose from. So pick a few, dust off that picnic blanket and enjoy!

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