Whole Foods to Open New Grocery Store Chain With Lower Prices

Whole Foods fanatics, rejoice!



If Whole Foods is your happy place (yep, me too), but your bank account takes a beating every time you step foot inside, listen up: Today, the company announced they’ll be opening a new chain of lower-priced (read: won’t eat up your entire paycheck on a trip to the salad bar) stores aimed at Millennials, USA Today reports. If you just shed a few tears of joy, no need to be embarrassed: That’s a totally normal reaction. 

The new stores will cater to a similar audience as their existing stores: people who want organic, fresh foods, but have less disposable income to drop at the grocery store. Leases for new stores — which will have “modern, streamlined design, innovative technology and a curated selection” and will be more convenience-focused than the company’s current stores — are already in the works. The company says stores will start opening next year.

No word yet on how many they are planning to open or if Philly will be blessed with one (the company didn’t release any information on where they’ll be setting up shop), but here’s to hoping. Stay tuned.

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