Poll: Would You Go Topless During Hot Yoga? (One Philly Yogi Did)

After all, hot yoga does get really hot, you guys.



Yesterday, Philly Mag writer Monica Weymouth asked the females of Philadelphia the question: How free do we want our nipples? More specifically, do we really want to go topless in hot yoga — sans sports bras and all — like one of her fellow female yogi classmates did this weekend?

This got me thinking: Is this something I’d secretly love to try? Do other women, too? Is topless yoga, like a topless beach — one of those good ideas in theory (no tan lines!) but we’re just too embarrassed to actually take the plunge? 

I mean, hot yoga does get really hot. The kind of hot where no one would even blink an eye if you screamed “DON’T TOUCH ME!” at the instructor when they tried to fix your Warrior II mid-class. But going topless? That would definitely get some stares. As Weymouth says about her bare-chested classmate, “Although no one protested at my Sunday class, the side-eye and post-class whispers were plentiful.”

But on the other hand, the side-eye and whispers might be worth it. Just imagine all the money you’d save on sports bras! And you could say goodbye to pit stains. Plus, I personally think it would be really comfortable: no sweat pools in your t-shirt, and no wet sports bra sticking to your skin on the walk home after class.

But still, I’m on the fence. I can honestly say I would have no problem with another female whipping their sports bra off mid-Tree Pose, and I think everyone should have the right to. In the end, a nipple is a nipple, and oftentimes, sports bras don’t hide all that much, anyway. But even with all the things in its favor, I just don’t know that I would actually have the nerve to throw my sports bra to the side of my yoga mat in the middle of a Center City studio. Would you?

POLL: Would you go topless at a Philly yoga studio?

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