The Philly Fitness Cheat Sheet: Cecily Tynan’s Favorite Places to Work Out

Photo via Cecily Tynan

Cecily Tynan at Joltin’ Jabs

Welcome to our new feature, the Philly Fitness Cheat Sheet, where we get Philly fitness lovers to dish on their favorite workout spots, events, fitness-friendly getaways and more. Next time you get bored of doing the same ol’ fitness activities around Philly, you can refer to our expert cheat sheets for some fresh ideas. 

We’re kicking it off with 6 ABC meteorologist and avid runner Cecily Tynan. Check out her favorite Philly fitness spots below. 

Where is the best spot in Philly to squeeze in a sweat session?
Joltin’ Jabs in Manayunk is my favorite place to work out because nothing gets out your frustrations like punching something. And the way it makes your arms, shoulders and back look is a plus: lean, cut muscles, not big bulky ones. You sweat so much, you look like you’ve been swimming laps, and I love the core work there, too — it pays off during bikini season. After a workout at Joltin’ Jabs, I like to go for a quick run down Forbidden Drive; you can run there from Main Street in Manayunk.

What’s your favorite healthy meal in Philly?
The Holy Chipotle salad from Couch Tomato Café. It’s filled with chicken and black beans for protein and avocado for healthy fats. I usually skip the onions so my breath doesn’t knock Jim Gardner over on Action News at 11!

What’s Philly’s greatest hidden fitness gem?
Martin Luther King Drive: You can find a 5K there nearly every weekend during the warm months.

Best spot for a fitness-filled weekend getaway?
Jack Frost Big Boulder in the Poconos. One ski pass allows you to ski at Jack Frost all day, then ski at night at Big Boulder, just 15 minutes down the road. Just don’t rupture your ACL like I did — that kills ski season.

What’s the one thing every fitness lover in Philly has to do at least once?
Run the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, or at least, work a water stop to be part of the fun! Few races match the thrill of running down the heart of Philadelphia with more than 40,000 other runners. No matter how horrible you feel by the end, the thrill of turning into the Navy Yard and sprinting toward the finish line with hundreds of spectators cheering you on is bound to put a huge grin on your flushed, sweaty face.

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