5 Fitness Classes That’ll Get You Back on Track With Your New Year’s Goals

Consider this your resolution redo.

Plank Studio | Photo by Andrew Kahl

Plank Studio | Photo by Andrew Kahl

Newsflash: Many of you are about to fall off the New Year’s resolution wagon. According to a survey (and a rather discouraging one at that), by year’s end only eight percent of resolution-makers will achieve their goals, with drop-off beginning within weeks of the new year.

“The best resolutions are attainable, like committing to three gym days a week, not seven,” says Bryn Mawr-based psychologist and Be Well Philly contributor Lauren Napolitano. But commitment is key: “The more you do something, the more motivated you’ll feel to do it again.”

Ready to refocus? Whether you want to PR at Broad Street, find more “me” time or climb out of your fitness rut, here are five local classes that will help you crush your goal once and for all.

I WANT TO: Train for a race.

Try it: Tread and Shred at SuperFit Gym // This class will have you running backward, shuffling sideways and climbing uphill on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight before you hit the mat for yet another half hour of strength-training. Finish line, here you come.
Find it: 1050 Colwell Lane, Conshohocken.

I WANT TO: Make more time for myself.

Try it: Yogahour at Maha Yoga Studio // You can honor your commitment to your sanity in just 60 minutes here. At Yogahour, the moderately paced sequences are challenging, but the class feels light, thanks to an upbeat soundtrack and opportunities for playful poses.
Find it: 1700 Sansom Street, sixth floor, Rittenhouse.

I WANT TO: Tone up.

Try it: Deck of Cards at Relentless Fitness // Randomly drawn cards determine your next move, so no two workouts are ever the same. TRX, kettlebells and ViPR equipment will challenge your muscles from head to toe.
Find it: 249 South 10th Street, Washington Square West.

I WANT TO: Clean up my diet.

Try it: Unite Fitness // You’ll be drawn in by the cross-training classes, but stick around for Unite’s clean-eating service, a three-step diet overhaul developed by nutrition guru Juliet Burgh. It aims to enhance athletic performance by identifying the right foods — and the right quantities — that work for you.
Find it: 105 South 12th Street, Midtown Village, and 3 Hovtech Boulevard, Mount Laurel.

I WANT TO: Try something new.

Try it: MegaFormer Pilates at Plank Studio // Plank introduced Philadelphians to the 10-foot, 250-pound Megaformer machines last spring, and we couldn’t be more grateful. One 50-minute class will convert you, too: The workout targets virtually every muscle, leaving you blissfully fatigued.
Find it: 532 West Lancaster Avenue, second floor, Wayne.

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