Pizza Hut to Debut Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Photo via Pizza Hut

Photo via Pizza Hut

Gluten-free eaters, rejoice: Pizza Hut is hopping on the gluten-free train, with gluten-free pizzas set to hit the menu January 26th, Huffington Post reports. Hooray!

Right now, the only other big-name pizza chain offering gluten-free options is Domino’s. (We tried it, and it’s surprisingly delicious.) But as the Huffington Post states, all of Domino’s pizzas are made in one common kitchen, so there’s room for cross-contamination. In other words, it’s a bit risky for people with Celiac disease.

Pizza Hut’s gluten-free pizzas, on the other hand, will be made in collaboration with popular gluten-free brand Udi’s, and they’ll be certified gluten-free. Udi’s will provide the certified gluten-free crusts, and the pizzas will be prepared at Pizza Hut “using procedures certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group,” like storing all the gluten-free pizza crusts and toppings in a separate area and baking the pizzas on designated parchment paper, the company’s website states.

Certified gluten-free pizza options, prepared using the procedures mentioned above, will be limited to cheese and pepperoni to start. But non-Celiac folks who are just trying to avoid gluten and aren’t too worried about cross-contamination can opt for the “Create Your Own” pizza option, and request Udi’s gluten-free crust.

I am certain we will be ordering one of these bad boys to the Philly Mag offices come the end of January, because we just can’t say no to pizza. We’ll be sure to report back on how it tastes, so stay tuned.

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