The Checkup: 8 Things You Do at the Gym That Are Total Time Wasters



• Warning: You could be wasting serious time on a workout that isn’t giving you much in return. Boost your gym smarts with these tips for a more efficient and effective workout every time. [Fitbie]

• Not sure which fitness tracker is right for you? A new rental service lets you test drive wearable before you buy. [Refinery 29]

• This is SO smart, I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it sooner. Add one simple thing to your homemade guacamole and you’ll increase the nutritional load, like, a ton. [Whole Foods]

• Looks like Little Orphan Annie was on to something. Being optimistic — “The sun will come out, tomorrow!” and all that — is really, really good for your heart. [TIME]

• If you’ve ever wondered whether carbs make you fat, you need to read this pronto. [Born Fitness]

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