Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Holiday Gifts for Healthy Foodies

We’ve all got a healthy foodie in our life: They call you crying when their food processor breaks, they jump with joy when they spot an organic cocktail on a bar menu, and they probably made their own mayonnaise the last time they invited you over for lunch. To help you find the perfect gift for the healthy foodie in your life, we enlisted Philly blogger Sherrie Scaglione Castellano, who writes all about being a healthy foodie over on her blog With Food + Love. Here, her top five picks for holiday gifts for the healthy foodies on your gift list.

1. Art in the Age Spirits, $32.99.

“Because if you’re going to imbibe, you should do it in style. Art in the Age Spirits are made from the finest organic ingredients and are naturally gluten-free. They include SAGE, RHUBARB Tea, ROOT and my favorite for the holiday season, SNAP. This is a great gift for your friend who likes a quality cocktail.” Note: You can find Art in the Age Spirits at many liquor stores around Philly.

2. Online cooking classes at ROUXBE, six months of classes for $99.99.

“ROUXBE Cooking School is an online learning platform that offers cooking classes to home cooks, culinary professionals and health-and-wellness enthusiasts. No matter your level of expertise, ROUXBE has a class for you; they offer courses on everything from plant-based cooking to stir-frying to how to make the perfect egg. This works as a great gift for foodies in your life, both near and far.”

3. Ohio Stoneware Crock, $29.99.

“Fermented food is so major right now. If you aren’t already brewing your own kombucha and lacto-fermenting your veggies at home, you need to start now. This crock will make the perfect gift for the DIY-sauerkraut-loving pal in your friend group.”

4. Blendtec Blender, starts at $279.

“Green smoothies are a part of my daily routine, and I don’t know what I’d do without my Blendtec. High-powered blenders can be somewhat of a splurge, but thanks to Blendtec’s certified refurbished blenders you can give the health-conscious foodie in your life the luxurious gift of a blender without breaking the bank.”

5. Philly FoodWorks CSA Share, starts at $243 for 17 shares.

“What’s better than gifting a full winter’s worth of fresh, local produce and artisan foods to your loved ones? Philly FoodWorks, which just so happens to be one of the most flexible CSA programs around, has pro-rated winter shares still available for purchase.”

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