Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

When we asked Jeff Liebreich, co-owner of the South Philly and Penn’s Landing CrossFit boxes, Fearless Athletics, to do a CrossFitter’s gift guide for our series this year, we had no idea he’d come back with not one, but two food items on his shopping list. Our takeaway? That CrossFit makes you very, very hungry—even for what might be the best-ever cheat-day dessert.

Below, Jeff’s killer ideas for what to get the CrossFit enthusiast in your life.

1. PaleoKoko by Steve’s Paleo Goods, $7.99.
I spend most days biking between the two gyms and rely on healthy snacks to keep me fueled. I turn to the delicious Steve’s Paleo Goods, including the to-die-for PaleoKoko—a dark chocolate and pineapple macaroon trail mix. These snacks keep me energized and feeling good not just about what I’m eating, but also about where my money is going: 15 percent of purchases goes toward the South Jersey-based Steve’s Club National Program, which provides fitness, nutritional guidance and personal development for at-risk youth. They have a fantastic selection of holiday gift baskets, too—perfect for the Paleo foodie on your list.

2. Relentless Jeans, $98.
December is Squat Month at Fearless Athletics, meaning we will be focusing in on the various squats and mobility necessary to maximize our squatting efforts. If last December was any indication, our members might have some trouble fitting their newly formed derrières into their favorite denim. I highly recommend they seek out a pair of custom-made denim from the folks at Relentless Jeans. These jeans are designed for the athletic body and fit like a charm—from top to bottom.

3. Free+Style by Carl Paoli, $28 on Amazon.
Understanding the human body and how it moves through space is essential to success for not just the CrossFit athlete, but also anyone seeking the benefits of functional movement. Paoli’s new book, Free+Style, is the go-to guide for learning and practicing the principles of basic gymnastic elements. Mastery and control of these movements carry over to all disciplines of CrossFit training, from Olympic weightlifting to burpees and everything in-between.

4. Lululemon Assert Pant, $108.
CrossFit athletes need clothing that is as functional as CrossFit is by definition. A typical training day has me doing some form of running, rowing, jumping, gymnastics, squatting and pressing, and performing snatches, clean and jerks and so much more. The Assert Pant allows me to transition from movement to movement with ease and comfort in any situation, making them my ideal go-to training pant this season.

5. The Franolli from Frangelli’s Bakery, $3 each or $36 for a dozen.
Yes, we are healthy. And yes, we like to do healthy things and take care of ourselves. But we are human, too. What better time than the holiday season to sneak in a tasty treat? I LOVE my cheat days and am a firm believer in straying from the diet in moderation to keep the soul happy and balanced. If you’re going to do it, I say do it right by showing up to your next holiday party with a dozen of these beauties: fresh, handmade doughnuts filled with delectable cannoli cream. Please eat responsibly.

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