Be Well Philly Gift Guide: 5 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Earth Lovers

We care about the Earth’s health as much as we care about yours here on Be Well Philly. After all, what good is taking care of yourself if the environment around you is anything but healthy? So if you want to show Mother Earth as much love as your gift recipients this year, consider doing some of your shopping with the help of this gift guide, tailor-made for Earth lovers.

Of course, here in Philly when you have a question about the environment, the only place to turn is to Green Philly. That’s why we asked its co-founder and editor-in-chief, Julie Hancher, to share her picks for eco-friendly gifts for the holiday season. Check out her creative ideas below.

1. Jade Yoga Mat, starts at $55.
Help your loved one get some zen without the PVC. As a fairly new yogi, I love the Jade Yoga Mat that prevents even clumsy me from sliding all over the place. Jade’s locally based in Conshocken so you’re supporting a local company, and the mats are made sustainably in the USA from natural rubber. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals in these babies.

2. Earl Salko Dresses, starts at $50.
I recently discovered Earl Salko vintage-inspired dresses in Queen Village. Locally made in Nolstagia boutique’s basement, these super cute and unique dresses source local materials wherever possible.

3. Earth-friendly Massage, varies. 
Who needs to clutter their house with more stuff? I’ve switched to giving (and often receiving) experience-based gifts, and they’re way more memorable than any candle or home good. Massage Philly (I go to the Bella Vista location) donates 3 percent of their profits to animal, environmental and health organizations, and Eviama Life Spa uses organic products for its treatments.

4. Hiker Backpack, $98.
How much can I rave about United by Blue? They frequently host cleanups and remove one pound of trash in the ocean for every (sustainable) product sold. I’d love to receive this organic canvas made for the outdoors, since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to go camping more often.  (Maybe after the Polar Vortex passes …)

5. The Mantle, $144.
Want to run out without a hat and scarf? The Mantle is the perfect combo, made of up-cycled materials and made in the USA. The only catch is that you have to pledge for their Kickstarter campaign in order to score one.

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