Learn What to Do with Your Weird CSA Veggies at This Local Cooking Class



If you’ve stared long and hard at your weekly CSA box and wondered, What the heck does one do with a big bag of sunchokes/winter squash/lacinato kale?, only to give up and let the veggies go bad before throwing them away on trash day, you are not alone. But never again, friends! The lovely people at Full and Happy (the same folks behind the Yogi’s Table) have teamed up with Philly Foodworks to bring you the CSA Prep School—a cooking class designed to help you master the art of cooking with your CSA share. Hallelujah!

As Full and Happy founder Onna Hepner explains, “I have a lot of friends and customers who are signed up for CSA shares, but they complain that they don’t know what to do with all the produce and, inevitably, some of it ends up going bad before it gets used. The goal with this class is to teach people how to break down all of the produce they get in their CSA share so that nothing gets wasted.”

At the CSA Prep School class—the first of which is Wednesday, December 10th—each participant will get one week’s worth of CSA goodies courtesy of Philly Foodworks. Then, with Hepner’s help, you’ll learn how to break down all of the fruits and veggies in that week’s share so that they’re easy to whip up at a moment’s notice. Meaning: no more staring blankly at a butternut squash asking, But how do I eat you? You’ll also learn how to fully prepare a few of the veggies, and at the end of the class you’ll go home armed with a week’s worth of prepped produce, plus one or two fully-cooked dishes. Next week’s class will see all sorts of good stuff like like sunchokes, winter squash, cabbage, carrots and more.

The class will run you $60, and the cost of the CSA share is included. (If you already have a weekly CSA share with Philly Foodworks, the class is only $36—just email Hepner to get the discount code before you sign up.) It’s BYOB, so feel free to bring some wine or beer to keep you, er, fueled.

The class is capped at 10 students, but if you miss out on this one, not to fear, they already have four more upcoming class dates set: February 12th and 26th, and March 11th and 25th. The hope is that, if enough people show interest, the class could become a weekly kind of deal. You can find out more about the CSA Prep School and sign up here.

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