Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Radio Hits You Love to Hate (But Really Love)



Confession: I am happiest when I’m alone in my car, shamelessly belting out every single lyric to the latest Iggy Azalea song—or Nick Jonas song (so embarrassing, I know), or any other number of Top 40 hits I’m ashamed to know every single word to. And the great thing about running is that is kind of like being in the car: You can listen to all the music you love to hate (but really just love) as loud as you want without fear of your roommate/boyfriend/wife/landlord/boss walking in on you and staring at you like you’ve completely lost it.

So for this week’s playlist, I bring you just that: A playlist packed with 90-minutes worth of radio hits we all love to hate. Plug in your headphones, turn the volume up and get ready to sweat—and sing—shame-free.

*We clean out and update this playlist every Friday with a slew of new songs to keep you grooving. Follow it on Spotify so you never miss a beat.

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