The Checkup: 80 Excuse-Shattering Reasons to Exercise NOW



• Excuses, excuses. This fun list of 80 reasons exercise is awesome (#12, #23, #34 are my favorites, btw) will quash all your “I don’t wannnnnaaaaa go to the gym” excuses once and for all. [Eating Bird Food]

• Apparently there’s something called “sleep drunkenness” and you might have it. [Prevention]

• To eat breakfast, or not to eat breakfast? That is the question no scientists anywhere can seem to answer definitively. [The Atlantic]

• How your smoothie—yes, smoothie (!!!!)—is making you gain weight. [Women’s Health]

• Useful, given the heat this week: Pro runners share their favorite hydration gear for hot, hot workouts. [Outside Magazine]

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