Be Well Philly Boot Camp Sneak Peek: Jessica Procini of Laugh Yourself Skinny

Jessica Procini

Jessica Procini

Be Well Philly Boot Camp is just a few weeks away, friends! And, lucky for you, you don’t have to wait until June 7th to meet all of our wonderful presenters: Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of the folks who will be talking at Boot Camp to give you an idea of what they’re about and why you should be so freakin’ excited to see them on the big day.

Up today is Jessica Procini, the hilarious Philly-based health coach behind Laugh Yourself Skinny. This former stand-up comedian teaches her clients how to get healthy and have a great time doing it—because it really is possible!

Here, Jessica answers 10 questions about herself, her health philosophy and what you can expect from her talk at Boot Camp. She will be presenting at 12 p.m. in our Speakers’ Lounge. Check out the full schedule here.

My name is … Jessica Procini. I always love to see how people will say my last name and it was a BIG joke when I was doing stand up comedy and improv. No one could say it right. It’s pronounced Pro-see-knee. Not Pro-chi-knee and definitely not Porcini—that’s a mushroom which is a fungus, and I am most defiantly not a fungus. My friends have also given me the nickname J-cini after my love for Jay-Z and dubbing rap songs to be educationally about weight loss.

I am a … well, my professional title is holistic health and weight loss coach who specializes in weight loss, emotional eating, body image and self confidence. But people know me as the “Laugh Yourself Skinny Lady.” My mission is to help women have a freakin’ blast while slipping back into her skinny jeans, because diets don’t work, meal plans aren’t sustainable and treadmills are torture devices.

People describe me as … “Little Miss Sunshine.” My clients always tell me how after a session they feel so much lighter and happier. And people who meet me love my voice because it’s “little.” After a short convo they always say I’m like a ray of sunshine because I’m very bubbly.

The thing I always repeat to clients is … “if you could sum up our session in one word, what would you headline it as?” I say it to every client before we jump off the phone. The world is moving at such a fast pace and we can go from one thing to another to another without taking a moment to reflect. Then you get to the end of the day and you look back and you’re like what did I do today? This is a way of helping my clients digest and put a period at the end before moving on. Because, undigested good turns to shit—we must digest our experiences more than we digest our food to allow more good into our lives.

I judge myself by … oy vey! Judge is such a harsh word. I’ve actually been detoxing from self-judgement for the past year. Life is much more fun this way!

My favorite “health” food is … green juice. I have a Hurom juicer and my fav go-to combo is kale, cucumber, green apple, ginger and celery. I do a lot of traveling and as soon as I step off a train or plane I’m researching where the closest green juice is. It’s been great to see so many juice spots open up in Philly, and how crowded they are, too! When I’m not making mine at home my favorite spot to grab a juice is Sip N Glo.

My favorite treat/junk food is … I wish I could say something reeeeally naughty here, like fried double stuffed oreos and a coke, but the truth is nothing is really off limits for me—I really listen to my body and give her what she wants. But I guess you could say my love for french fries is a treat/junk food. Sweet potato fries are my favorite.

I feel inspired when … I wake up. There’s a moment right before I open my eyes every morning when I get these crazy ideas. Some of them I do, like those poop videos, and some of them just need a little time before they become reality. But almost everything I do comes to me in some sort of “vision” right before I get up.

I always laugh when … I dance by myself. No one really knows this, but I often take dance breaks throughout my day where I unglue myself from the computer, throw on a song like Whitney Houston’s I wanna Dance With Somebody and just boogie for three minutes. I always laugh at how much fun I have by myself. It’s shocking, really!

I like to make people laugh because … I love to watch the physical and emotional change in them and how the elation will linger for moments, even after the laughter has stopped. It’s like they forgot about all their pain, struggles and worries and, just for that split second, they’re enjoying the moment and themselves.

Like what you’re reading? Experience Be Well Philly live at Be Well Philly Boot Camp fitness fest on June 7th!