Wellness-Focused Volta Market Sets Up Shop on East Passyunk

Some of the goods for sale at Volta Market // Photos via Facebook

Some of the goods for sale at Volta Market // Photos via Facebook

I live near Passyunk Square, so a few months back, when a build-out on the long-vacant space at the corner of East Passyunk and Dickinson began, I was curious. And then when I saw signs that a wellness-focused market would soon be moving in, I was really curious.

Last month, the store finally came to fruition and Volta Market took up residence, celebrating its grand opening just last weekend. It’s a brick-and-mortar store from the local husband-and-wife-duo, Lisa Volta and Adli Zalloum, who make the popular organic, small-batch soap-and-bath-product line, Volta Organics.

I talked to Lisa this week about what she has in store for the shop—both literally and figuratively. “The concept is natural health and wellness, and making those products convenient,” she says. “There’s a little bit of everything here.”

In addition to the house line Volta Organics, which includes soaps, face masks, deodorants and bath salts, all made in Volta’s South Kensington home, the market carries teas, snacks, chocolate, jams, spices, herbs and extracts, among a growing list of products. In the very near future, once she gets Health Department clearance, Volta hopes to open a take-out tea and tonic bar inside the store, where you can get tea blends to go and quick shots, like apple cider vinegar, which has detoxing properties.

“I have an ever expanding list of things I want to try,” says Volta, adding that we can expect to see the outcomes of those ideas in the store’s inventory in the coming months.

Volta Market is located at 1449 East Passyunk Avenue and is open every day except Monday.

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