Start Your Day Off Right: 26 Genius Ways to Eat Quinoa for Breakfast



Remember a couple years ago when nobody knew how to pronounce the word “quinoa,” much less knew what it actually is? Today, the protein-packed seed, loaded with all nine essential amino acids, is everywhere, and the quinoa moment doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, any time soon.

To wit: Have you noticed that quinoa isn’t just a dinnertime staple anymore? Lately, it’s been making its way onto the breakfast table in all sorts of unexpected forms: breakfast bars, pancakes, porridge—you name it, you can make it with quinoa.

And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I mean, what better breakfast is there than one loaded with fiber, protein and antioxidants? None, right? So to get the ball rolling on your quinoa-for-breakfast obsession—because, trust us, you will be obsessed—here are 20 of our favorite breakfast recipes starring everyone’s favorite superfood.

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