Save This: Free Illustrated Guide for 30 Days of HIIT Workouts

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You’ve probably heard us and every other health outlet talk ad nauseam about the many benefits of high-intensity interval training: It burns a ton of fat and calories, it’s quick, and, if you do the workouts right, they can be done almost anywhere. But with all that chatter, you might still be left wondering, How do I actually DO a H.I.I.T. workout?

Good question.

Yesterday I discovered what just might be one of the best free fitness resources online, ever. It’s a just-released, illustrated guide to 30 days of high-intensity interval workouts, with levels for beginners, intermediates and fitness pros. It’s a downloadable PDF that you can access it on your computer, tablet or smart phone. I saved it to my Bookmarks in my phone so I can easily find it.

I tried the Day 1 H.I.I.T. challenge yesterday, and it was great: easy to follow and plenty challenging. I used a free round-timer app to track the work/rest periods, and did the entire workout in my spare bedroom. Pretty awesome, right?

The program was designed by online fitness guru Neila Rey, who’s built up a bit of a cult following on Google+. She’s known for her fitness infographics, and, guys, there are a ton of them; the month-long H.I.I.T. program just scratches the surface. She designs the infographics herself, and the site is run entirely on donations.

Her site says an app is in the works, but until then, you can just save the PDFs. Check out the H.I.I.T workouts here, and all the other programs over here.

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