The Checkup: 40 Recipes That Prove a Microwave Is Your Best Kitchen Tool



Foobooz may scoff, but a microwave doesn’t just have to be used for reheating last night’s pizza. You can make all sorts of things in there, from muffins to stuffed peppers to chicken fajitas. Oh! And cake! [Greatist]

• Hey runners, what’s the key to shaving time off your race pace? Ignore the clock all together. [Runner’s World]

• Your March Madness fun fact of the day: College basketball refs run an average of four miles during each and every game. Impressive! [New York Times]

• Just because you’re training for the Broad Street Run doesn’t give you carte blanche eat whatever the heck you want. Cardiologists say it’s a bad idea. [Wall Street Journal]

• You know those sorta-deflated mini exercise balls you sometimes use in Pilates? Here’s how to use them, any ol’ time, for a really great workout. [Fitness] 

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