The Checkup: 25 Smart Ways to Shed Fat Faster



• Okay, okay, some of these tips are a tad obvious—drink less beer and more water—but I’m certain that several ideas on this list of 25 ways to shed fat fast will be news even to the most seasoned fitness pros. Here’s to an Aha! moment. [Men’s Fitness]

• Say buh-bye to your excuses: 14 ways to walk yourself skinny. [Prevention]

•  Also in the category of No Excuses, a seven-minute, seven-exercise circuit workout. I mean, c’mooooon. [Women’s Health]

• The newest thing in running footwear? Lots and lots (and lots) of cushioning. Nothing minimalist about it. [Q by Equinox]

• Don’t worry; be happy—really, really happy with these 17 happiness-boosting ideas. [Outside]

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