The Checkup: 25 Killer Core Moves to Get Six-Pack Abs



• Your ticket to a six pack? These 25 new moves that’ll torch your abs fast. [Men’s Health]

• Three ways to do better backbends in yoga class. Because backbends shouldn’t hurt your back, duh. [Well + Good NYC]

• A new study found that the antioxidants in red wine may block the growth of lung cancer cells. I’ll toast to that. [Women’s Health]

• You know we’re a fan of high-intensity interval training here at Be Well Philly. If you haven’t jumped aboard the HIIT train, here’s a reason you should: In a recent study, participants who did twice-weekly HIIT workouts for 12 weeks had a 40 percent lower stroke risk than controls. Now that’s something to hang your hat on. [Prevention]

• Say goodbye to those super processed, overpriced 100-calorie snack packs: Here are recipes for 31 snacks that’ll clock in at exactly 100 cals each. [Greatist]

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