9 Websites to Score Yoga Clothes and Gear For Cheap



If you’ve perused the racks at Lulu or Athleta, like, ever, then you know: Yoga gear can be pricey. And if you can’t (or aren’t willing to) shell out 60 bucks for a floral-print sports bra, your yoga-apparel options can seem pretty limited.

But ladies, your ex-boyfriend’s over-sized cut-off tees can only go so far. Which is where this list comes in handy: nine website where you can score yoga gear without breaking the bank. Now you can ditch those yoga hand-me-downs for good. Hallelujah!

Yoga Outlet

The Yoga Outlet should be called Yoga Heaven: Here, you’ll score name-brands like Lucy and The North Face (Who knew they made yoga gear?) at a steep discount without ever leaving your house. And you get free shipping on orders over $49. Now, that’s what I call #winning.


Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s new fitness-apparel line. Now, before you rolls your eyes, hear me out: Fabletics is the fitness world’s answer to monthly membership sites like Jewelmint, where members get a piece of jewelry each month, picked out specifically for them. As a member of Fabletics, you’ll have yoga outfits picked out for you monthly, based on your style preferences. But unlike many monthly membership sites, you can skip any and every month you want. Plus, when you sign up, your first outfit is only $25 bucks. So, I know How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was really bad. But, trust me, this is good.

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Barefoot Yoga Co.

This is a one-stop shop for everything yoga, from mats to leggings to books to blankets. But beware: With popular brands like Prana and OMgirl at seriously affordable prices, your shopping cart can fill up pretty quickly.

Planet Gear

Planet Gear is pretty much the Gilt of the fitness world. So you have to sign up to become a member (And, I know, I know, giving your email out is the worst), but believe me, you won’t regret it. They have new sales daily, offering name-brand yoga and fitness gear at up to 70 percent off. Yes, please!

Yoga Direct

These guys have a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” section. Need I say more?

Mika Yoga Wear

No need to scour this site for hours in search of the perfect shorts for your Bikram class: This site organizes workout gear by activity. (Think: Hot yoga, Yoga, etc.) It’s near impossible to find an item that costs more than 50 bucks, plus, shipping is free on orders over $100.

The Yoga Warehouse

The Yoga Warehouse is strictly yoga accessories. Here, you will find foam rollers, yoga straps, towels and blankets galore. This stuff isn’t name-brand but, boy, is it cheap. And if you head over there right now, you’ll get 15 percent off your entire order thanks to a clearance sale.

Light in The Box

Don’t expect to score pricey Lululemon-like pieces for next-to-nothing on this Amazon-like site. That said, Light in The Box has everything you need to hit up your yoga studio in style, without breaking the bank.

The Clymb

The Clymb is another Gilt-like shopping site, featuring daily deals on tons of name-brand yoga and fitness gear like Lucy, YogaRat, Prana and more at up to 70 percent off retail price. Membership is free, so what are you waiting for? Go sign up and watch the sales roll in.

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