10 Things You Need to Know About the Rocky 50K Run Tomorrow

Yup, it’s really happening. The inaugural Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run will hit the streets of Philly tomorrow morning. If you’re planning on running, here’s everything you need to know to get ‘er done without a hitch.

1. How far, exactly, is this run? Like, in miles? 

The run is meant to trace Rocky Balboa’s fictional 30.61-mile route through Philly. The course very, very closely follows that route, as plotted by Phillymag.com’s Dan McQuade, with just a few diversions for safety and legal purposes. As a result, the exact mileage for tomorrow’s run 31.05 miles. So, yes, you’ll beat Rocky’s distance by half a mile. Win.

2. What the heck is a “fat ass” run, anyway? 

Think of it as a semi-organized fun run with lots of strangers. No streets will be shut down for this race, there will be no police barriers, no medals, no fees, no chip timing, and no high-fives from Mayor Nutter (at least, not that we know of). Say it with me: This. Is. For. Fuuuuun.

3. Do I have to run the whole thing? 

No. Although organizer Rebecca Schaefer plans to hoof it the entire way, she expects that some runners will only run a portion of the total mileage.

4. What time and where does it start? 

Runners will gather at Wolf and South Lambert streets in South Philly around 6:45. The run will start at 7 a.m.

5. Where does it end? 

If you run the entire course, you’ll end at the top of the Art Museum Steps. Half the distance (mile 15) would put you in Old City.

6. How long will it take to run all 31.05 miles? 

That depends on a lot of factors, including, of course, how fast you run, but also how often you get stuck at lights, whether you stop to sightsee, and etc. Schaefer, an experienced ultramarathoner, estimates it could take her seven or eight hours at a leisurely jogging pace.

7. What if this crappy weather sticks around? 

The run is rain or shine, so it’s on no matter what. The good news is that Accuweather is calling for sun and clouds, with a high of 43 degrees. At 7 a.m. at the start, it’s supposed to be 38 degrees. Brrrr.

8. Will there be aid stations and sweet swag at the finish? 

No, no, silly, this is a fat ass run. See #2.

9. What should I wear? 

You can wear whatever you’d like, but we’re guessing a lot of runners will dress the part, donning Rocky’s iconic grey sweats and red headband. We don’t recommend wearing Chuck Taylors (Thirty miles in those things? Ouch.) unless they’re your normal running jam.

10. Is there anything I should bring? 

You’ll want to bring your own gels/Gu/water/other refueling aid (see #7), as well as any shoes you’re itching to get rid of. At the starting area, organizers will be collecting donated shoes for local homeless running organization Back On My Feet.