Get a Pre-Holiday Body Reboot with Unite Fitness’s Clean Eating Challenge



November brings to mind thoughts of pie, stuffing and creamy mashed potatoes. With so many delicious indulgences to look forward to, why even think about a cleanse, right? Wrong. The seven-day Unite Clean Eating Challenge, starting on November 4th, gives you a chance to reboot your system in preparation for the holidays. Because—let’s admit it—we’ve all eaten a few too many pumpkin shaped Reese’s cups already this week.

If the word “cleanse” makes you think of a recycling bin full of empty juice bottles, don’t worry—you don’t have to give up food for this one. All the program asks is that you eat “clean.” So, you’ll eat organic fish and meat, and avoid gluten, dairy, sugar, processed foods or dessert.

Unite nutrition pros will provide a shopping list for the week along with guidelines for what to eat and recipes for every meal. You’ll also get lots of email support and helpful tips to make it through the week, because who are we kidding? No sugar for a week is enough to make a grown woman weep.

To give your body the seasonal reboot it needs, sign-up for the program ($47) here.