Genius: A Lower-Calorie Way to Get Your Caramel Apple Fix

I've got two words for you: portion control.

Caramel apples are the bomb—no one can argue with that. But they are also total calorie bombs. To wit: A caramel apple with nuts can contain nearly 400 calories! Agh! And they are so freakin’ difficult to eat. Like, who came up with the bowling-ball-on-a-toothpick ratio?

So how can you avoid consuming a 400-calorie dessert? Just follow LEAF’s lead and make these totally cute, totally portion controlled caramel apple slices instead. They are the perfect mini-dessert to have on hand this time of year, and if you’re having a Halloween shindig on Thursday, they’re sure to be a hit. Plus, with three varieties, you won’t get tired of them anytime soon. So warm up the caramel, dip and enjoy. Just don’t enjoy too many!