10 Philly Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Food and fitness inspiration galore! Take that, Pinterest.

A picture can say a thousand words. “Put down the Krispy Kreme box,” and “Pick up the yoga mat, you lazy bum”—these are just a few of the choice words Instagram has directed my way. I know, I know, pretty rude. But also, totally motivational, right? So we’ve rounded up some Philly Instagrammers for you to scroll through to find some amazing fitness inspiration, along with the occasional virtual wake-up call.

Did you know that Aztec warriors subsisted solely on chia seeds during battles? Neither did I, until I checked out the Ryan Crown’s Juice Club Instagram. Prepare to be schooled on superfoods that you never even knew existed. Plus, the occasional juice photograph will have you craving a kale smoothie over the usual chai latte.

Spot this yogi upside down and twisted around everywhere from park benches to the beach to Barnes and Noble. Oh, and next to her adorable pooch! Upside-down yoga pose + super cute dog = flawless Instagram photo. She’s got this equation down.

Follow this healthy-eating duo for guilt-free food inspiration all over the city. From dairy-free pizza at Fishtown hotspot Pizza Brain to fish-free sushi over at Pod in West Philly, these guys are covering all of their bases. And sharing. Lucky us!

With videos of her demonstrating kettlebell swings and photos of drool-worthy fruit-filled breakfast concoctions, this personal trainer is sharing the secrets to her svelte physique with everyone. And it doesn’t cost a cent!

Tomatoes never looked so good. This blogger and author of Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round will make you run to your local farmers’ market and buy EVERYTHING. She frequently posts in-season goodies that are beyond tempting, even to the pickiest of eaters. Never did I ever think that beet-dip would be something that I wanted in my life, but here I am wanting it.

You can’t feel guilty after eating zucchini “pasta”. Like, you just can’t. Head over to this plant-based nutritionist, raw chef and health coach’s Instagram feed for guilt-free inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Her bio says it all: “Lover of mountains, yoga, beer and cats.” What more is there to ask for? This yogi will have you dusting off that yoga mat with an eagerness usually reserved for girl scout cookie season.

Okay, okay, ya got me—it’s not ALL healthy, but some of it is. And we all need a cheat day every now and then anyway, right? On this former restaurant critic’s Instagram page you’ll find all sorts of inspiration for both homemade dinners and for nights out. (Example: that tuna and avocado flower must be mine, and now I know just where to find it.) So peruse the photos, listen for a stomach grumble and make a reservation.

If you’re going to stare at photos of fresh, hot donuts just out of the oven in all their frosted glory, they might as well be gluten-free vegan donuts, right? This South Street bakery proves that healthy(er) can also be delicious. And if you’re in the area, you might be able to stop salivating over your iPhone screen just long enough to pop in and taste one for yourself.

So, they might not be based in Philly but Lululemon’s Instagram is more for the Wanderlust bunch anyway. Yoga on sandy beaches and paddle boarding on a palm-tree lined stream in a place called Sunset Island. Seriously? So yeah, this Instagram might make you a bit jealous as you sit in your office chair watching the leaves fall. But it will also inspire your next getaway. Hawaii, anyone?