Is It Okay to Breastfeed in a Public Pool?

I’ve written a LOT about breastfeeding—particularly, the hullaballoo around public breastfeeding of late—but the latest brouhaha might take the cake. New York Magazine picked up a story from across the pond yesterday about a Manchester, England, mom who, when found breastfeeding her four-month-old son in a public swimming pool, was ejected from the facility for what was deemed “unhygienic activity.”

The mom, a 22-year-old named Stephanie Wilby, said, “They made a real scene. They were saying me breastfeeding was indecent exposure. But I was covered more than most of the other swimmers. One staff member also said he would stop a man urinating in the pool and that is why they did not want me breastfeeding in the water.”

Local authorities at the Manchester City Council are launching an investigation to determine if she was mistreated. But what do you think? Moms, would you ever consider breastfeeding your kid in a pool? And to everyone else, if you saw someone doing it, would you be outraged/disgusted? Do you think there are hygiene issues here, or is it all a big to-do about nothing? Sound off in the comments.