This Is a Bacon-Flavored Condom

For the seriously committed bacon lover (I guess).

Hat tip to the Los Angeles Times for its intrepid reporting, without which I might not know that bacon-flavored condoms exist. But now I do. And I can’t erase it from my memory. Please, share in my pain.

A few things you should know: The bacon condom is not a joke. Also, according to the maker J&D’s website, it is coated inside and out with a bacon-flavored product called baconlube “for an even more hot pork experience.” I ask you: Whyyyyy?

The condoms retail for $9.99 for a three-pack. The product is currently sold out, if you can believe it, but you can add your name to a waiting list here.

If you really, really love bacon and just can’t wait, the company makes many (maaaany) other bacon products. Like, bacon-flavored envelopes and popcorn. And, um, bacon-flavored baby formula.

I’m sorry, am I being Punk’d right now?

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