Sexsomnia—Having Sex While You’re Asleep—Is a Real Thing

Let's talk about sexsomnia, baby.

“I thought he was completely awake,” Chelsea Pettit told Huffington Post Live regarding her former partner George Schafer’s sexsomnia, also known as sleep sex. “It started out with petting, and with him … kind of humping, and it slowly started to become more involved.” As if that’s not crazy enough, there’s this: Pettit didn’t initiate a conversation about Schafer’s somnambulistic sexual behavior until two years after it began, thinking that it was some big joke he simply hadn’t told her.


Thing is, Schafer isn’t alone; approximately one percent of the population may suffer from sleep sex or have witnessed it firsthand. The Huffington Post investigates the disorder in a video segment posted last week. Check it out below. (Safe for work, so long as you have headphones.)