NPR Commenters: “You Don’t Understand the 20,000 Pleasure Nerves”

The NPR commentariat is in an uproar over a story on circumcision. You've got to read this.

You just never know what’s going to get people who get their news from NPR riled up. If you, like me, have just lived through another interminable droning fund-raising campaign (“Oh, I love to hear those pings!”) with such exciting “free” gifts as coffee mugs, grocery bags and puzzle books, you’ll be shocked—shocked!—to read the comments on the recent story titled, “German Lawmakers Move to Quell Uproar Over Circumcision.”

You may think that NPR listeners are out back tending to their compost heaps or in the study, quietly reading the complete works of Alexander Pope, but you’d be wrong. What they’re really doing is loudly and vocally arguing over how much male circumcision affects sexual pleasure. At length. In detail. For pages and pages and pages.

Really, you should check this out. You’ll never listen to You Bet Your Garden the same way again.