Celeb Pulse: Condoleezza Rice Lands NFL Modeling Gig

Plus: Ryan Lochte on 90210, Jennie Garth is scaaary skinny, Snooki is a "pregnant whale" and more.

Condi Rice—a Model? Condoleezza Rice’s resume is getting quite lengthy these days. Right under “Secretary of State,” she can now add this little line item: commercial model. That’s because our good pal Condi is has signed on as the NFL’s model for a new women’s wear line of football-related apparel. Condi sports a Cleveland Browns jersey in her ad, which is slugged with the message “It’s My Team.” What’s next, Madame Secretary? New York Fashion Week? [NBC Philadelphia]

Ryan Lochte on 90210, Will Not Be Winning Emmys Any Time Soon. First of all, I had no idea this (terrible) spinoff of the second-greatest t’ween soap opera of our time was still on the air. (The OC is the first-greatest, in case you’re wondering.) Second of all, I’m pretty tired of seeing Ryan Lochte’s name in headlines, but I’m afraid we may have only just scratched the surface of his 15 minutes. That said, I couldn’t resist letting you know that Lochte will appear on the CW’s 90210, playing himself, on October 29th. I can only imagine the story-line possibilities—no really, I can imagine them, because Access Hollywood grabbed an interview with the Olympic swimmer while he was on set, all decked out looking ready to go rock climbing. Asked what the hardest part of being on the show was, Lochte replied: ““Memorizing lines and trying to, like, say ’em and still, like, do movement and all—that was hard.” Let’s all set our Google calendar reminders now. [BuzzFeed]

Jennie Garth Is Terrifyingly Skinny. Speaking of the second-greatest t’ween soap opera of our time, 90210 alum Jennie Garth turned up in New York City this week sporting a ridiculously skinny (trust me, it’s gasp-worthy) post-divorce bod. Garth is the first to admit that the stress of her split with ex-hubby Peter Facinelli has taken a toll on her physique—but, boy, has it ever. Jennie, here’s a good metric: If your skinny jeans feel baggy, it’s time for a cheeseburger. [ET Canada]

Kristin Chenoweth Injured, Quitting The Good Wife. Well, geez. TMZ reported last month that Kristin Chenoweth was hit in the head with lighting equipment in a freak accident that occurred on the set of CBS’s The Good Wife. Now the website’s update says she’s quitting the show all together because of the injuries she sustained. Do I smell a workman’s comp lawsuit? [TMZ]

Snooki: “I’m a Pregnant Whale.” I mean, ya just gotta love her. Say what you will about the Jersey Shore star and her infamous pouf, but at least Snooki’s got a sense of humor. After some obnoxious person on Twitter called her fat, and Snooki tweeted back: “Yes I know I’m a pregnant whale” and attached a picture of herself—fully makeup’d, of course—lounging on the couch. Because, yes, she is a pregnant whale—and proud of it. [Examiner.com]