The Checkup: Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Workout

Here's how Hollywood's Katniss Everdeen got ready for the big screen.

• I’m sure by now you’ve read all about the Hunger Games-inspired workout I tried earlier this week. (You haven’t? Tsk, tsk. Read it here.) Yesterday, celebrity site Celebuzz posted an interview with trainer Joe Horrigan, who worked with actress Jennifer Lawrence—the on-screen Katniss Everdeen—to help her get in shape for the movie. Director Gary Ross wanted her to slim down but not bulk up, apparently, so her workout regimen included time on the track and stationary bike. Horrigan aimed to improve Lawrence’s agility, running and speed. Personally, I think she could have benefited from a few Katniss Killers and Peeta Presses, but that’s just me.

• Score one for the ladies: Women might one day school men in marathons and ultra-distance runs. Why? Because we’re physiologically better equipped for long-haul exercise that our male counterparts. Add it to the list of things we rock at.

CBS News asks: “Ever feel lightheaded or dizzy from standing up too quickly?” My answer: who hasn’t? “According to a new study,” the story continues, “you might be more likely to suffer from heart failure.” Dang it!