The Checkup: Neti Pots Are Killing People

Two people, to be exact

• I’m not a neti-pot user, but I know lots of people who swear by ’em. Buyer beware: Two people have died from infections related to brain-eating amoebas (!!) after using neti pots to shoot tap water up their sinuses. To be fair, the danger here is the microbe-laced tap water, which allowed the amoebas access to the brain in the first place. So experts are warning users to use only filtered or distilled water, and to make sure they clean their neti pots thoroughly between uses. More over here on NPR.

• Here’s an interesting thought: If that nutrition label on the back of your Pepsi can included the number of minutes of exercise needed to work it off, instead of the calories, would it make you think twice about drinking it? A new study found that the exercise warnings are actually more effective than calorie totals in dissuading people from unhealthy foods. The study looked at teenagers specifically, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we adults could be convinced, too. After all, if you found out that it would take 50 minutes of jogging to burn off that 20-ounce soda, do you think you’d still drink it?

• Just for fun, took a look at Santa’s health problems. Their conclusion? The poor guy’s a mess.