Make: Leftover Lettuce Wraps

Waste not, want not—make good use of leftovers with this tasty midday meal

Well, this weekend was certainly a great time to eat some leftovers. With Hurricane Irene approaching, I found creative ways to use everything in my fridge, including my leftover quinoa. These easy lettuce wraps are just as convenient as sandwiches, but with less calories. Use any substitutions you like, such as your favorite sandwich fillers, and experiment with different types of lettuce. Personally, I love using red leaf lettuce or Boston bibb, as they have a softer, more pliable texture and won’t split open. These also make for a great way to eat up the last veggies of the summer harvest.

Leftover Lettuce Wraps
Serves two (makes four wraps)

4 arge lettuce leaves, Boston bibb or red leaf
2 tbsp Hummus
½ cup Leftover quinoa (or any grain)
½ cup Chicken (or protein of choice), diced
½ Avocado, diced
¼ cup Black beans
¼ cup Chick peas
¼ cup Red bell pepper, diced

Mix all ingredients except hummus and lettuce in a bowl. Toss well. Lay out lettuce leaves and spread with one teaspoon of hummus each. Spoon leftovers into center of lettuce, fold outer edges into center, and then roll tightly. Repeat with remaining leaves. Enjoy immediately or refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Per serving: Calories 348g, Fat 12g, Sat Fat 1.5g, Cholesterol 68mg, Sodium 144mg, Carbs 34g, Dietary Fiber 9g, Protein 37g