Pure Barre Opens on Walnut

Meet owner Noelle Zane and take a tour of the studio

Pure Barre owner Noelle Zane

If you’ve ever wished for a dancer’s body but the thought of performing choreographed anything evokes visions of yourself out of place amid a sea of petite and lovely ballerinas, head over to Pure Barre, which opened last Wednesday at 17th & Walnut (take a tour of Pure Barre’s studio and meet owner Noelle Zane here). The first Pure Barre in the North East, the combo of dance, Pilates, and yoga moves done primarily at the barre claims it will lift and tone trouble areas, including the abs, hips, seat and arms in as little as 10 classes. What do I know after one class? Pure Barre will cause even the most in-shape muscles to tremble. (I spent the 55-minute class reacquainting myself with the tiny muscles my almost-daily runs have apparently been neglecting.)

And if Zane’s incredibly tiny waist doesn’t sell you, when you wake up the next morning feeling as though your inner muscles were attacked by an over-zealous masseuse (I think I was more sore the morning after than I was the day after I ran Broad Street), you’ll know one thing for sure: repeat visits are called for.

I’ve signed up for the 30-day unlimited pass to see how quickly I notice the changes in my own body. I’ll post my findings in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned.

$23 per class, 1701 Walnut Street, 4th Floor, purebarre.com

Have you tried Pure Barre yet? If so, what did you think?