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Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé

Digital Contributor

philadelphia foods

10 Delicious Dishes Worth Going Out of Your Way to Eat in Philly

From Hardena’s #NotPizza box to Nano’s Austin-style breakfast tacos, this is what to order now.

philly food trends

5 COVID-Era Philly Food Innovations We Hope Stick Around Forever

Even the most horrible predicaments have silver linings.

comfort food

6 Rich and Filling Philly Dishes That’ll Warm You Right Up

From Peking duck to a Sunday roast, these meals are perfect after a long day outside.

covid winter
Things to Do

We’ve Been Dreading Winter All Pandemic Long. Now That It’s Here, Let’s Make the Most of It

It’s time to lean into the cold. Here’s how.


Where to Eat Mexican Food in Philly Right Now

From burritos to tamales, menudo to mole, we’re here to help you enjoy more than just tacos when it comes to Mexican food in Philly.


15 Places to Get Great Chicken Parm in Philly

Whether served over spaghetti or sandwiched in a crusty hoagie roll, this crispy, saucy Italian delicacy is one of our favorites. Here’s where to find it in Philly.


The Takeout Soups and Stews That Will Get Us Through Winter

From classic Italian cioppino and spicy Lao-style curry to matzoh ball soup, here are the bowls that’ll keep us warm this season.


Where to Eat Korean Food in Philly Right Now

All the spots to get your fill of Korean fried chicken, bibimbap, japchae, soft tofu stew and more.


Where to Eat Greek Food in Philly Right Now

Your guide to fire-baked pastitsio, expertly layered moussaka, simply grilled fish and some of the best souvlaki around.


The Foobooz Guide to Not Cooking This Thanksgiving

Let Philadelphia’s chefs, bakers, and French-pastry makers do all the cooking this year.

seafood scene

Philly Is Going Through a Seafood Revival

We are, without a doubt, in the midst of a seafood renaissance. Here are five ways to make the most of it.


Philly Restaurants With Insulated Greenhouses, Warm Cocktails, Fire Pits, and Other Tricks To Keep You Warm This Winter

Almost every restaurant is ready to fire up the heaters, but these spots go above and beyond to make your winter outdoor dining experience extra cozy.


Where to Eat Pho in Philly: The Ultimate Guide

Philadelphia has been a great pho town for as long as we can remember. Here are all the best places to get a bowl of that beefy, brothy goodness.


Where to Eat Laotian and Thai Food in Philly Right Now

From upscale BYOs to casual takeout shops to perfect little markets, Philly’s small (but mighty) Laotian and Thai restaurant scene will satisfy all your khao soi and bitter melon soup cravings.


A Philadelphian’s Guide to Vineyard Hopping

All the local, sustainable, magical vineyards you should visit this fall, as recommended by five Philadelphia wine professionals.