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Jason Sheehan

fear of the dentist
Be Well Philly

After Years of Neglect, I Finally Faced My Fears and Went to the Dentist

A thrilling adventure in which our food critic, following decades of bad experiences, climbs into the chair to find out if there’s any hope for a dental delinquent.


Cicala at the Divine Lorraine Isn’t This Good by Accident

It’s exactly the restaurant it needs to be, exactly the restaurant it wants to be. And it’s not chance or good fortune that makes it that way.


South by South: River Twice Reviewed

At River Twice, New Americanism from South Texas comes to South Philly.


Our Restaurant Critic’s Hands-Down Favorite Meals of 2019

Philly Mag restaurant critic Jason Sheehan recaps his favorite food moments of the last year.


Where to Eat Hoagies in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Our city runs on hoagies. Here’s where to get the best.

vegan food philadelphia
Be Well Philly

The 20 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Philadelphia

From all-vegan bistros to neighborhood restaurants, meat-and-dairy-free dining is a fad no more.


Night and Day: K’Far Cafe Reviewed

Camille Cogswell brings her culinary talents and vision to Rittenhouse.


A Return to Roots: Forsythia Reviewed

Chris Kearse closed his groundbreaking BYO, Will. Forsythia is his second act.


Bakeries in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Our carb-loaded list of all the best places to get artisan breads, beautiful cakes, flaky pastries, and every other baked good your heart desires.


Where to Eat Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

In a city that distinguishes itself by its ’steaks, which sandwiches truly tower over the rest?


Meanwhile, Back On Earth: Vernick Fish Reviewed

Greg Vernick used to work under Jean-Georges. Now he’s doing it again.

cook classes september schedule philadelphia

Sneak Preview: December Classes at COOK

Tickets go on sale November 6th at noon.


Top of the World: Jean-Georges Philadelphia Reviewed

Jean-Georges is one of the most anticipated restaurants ever to open in Philly. Was it worth the wait?

best bars

The Best Bars in Philadelphia

From the best new bars to the best spots for cocktails to terrific whiskey joints, here’s where to get a drink in Philly.


Where to Eat Italian in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Because if you’re going to eat, why not eat the best?