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Hannah Albertine

Food Editor


What the New Mask Mandate Means for Dining Out in Philadelphia

Before the newly-instated mask mandate goes into effect on April 18th, here’s what you should know.


The No-B.S. Guide to Getting Into Philly’s Busiest Restaurants

Everything we know about how to snag a table.


One of NYC’s Most Beloved Chinese Restaurants Hopes to Expand To Philly

Xi’an Famous Foods made an April Fool’s joke announcing they were coming to Philly. But the CEO says there is some truth to the fib.


50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Our highly anticipated, hotly debated list of the 50 restaurants in Philly (and beyond) defining what it means to dine out in the region right now.


Where to Eat in West Philly

If you’re hungry for pretty much anything, West Philly has it. And your meal will be excellent.