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Audrey McKenna Hasse

Be Well Philly

How to Get a Great Workout With Just a Bench and 10 Minutes

A 10-minute workout? Consider us sold.

Be Well Philly

Workout: A Full-Body Outdoor (or At-Home!) Sweat Session

Vacation is over, folks — so let’s get to work!

Be Well Philly

The Glorious 7-Minute Workout

Our Monday gift to you.

Be Well Philly

Do This Today: Your New Favorite Outdoor Workout

All you need for this workout is 30 minutes and the great outdoors.

Be Well Philly

BeWOW: The Calorie-Torching 30-Minute Partner Workout

Fact: Workout buddies > drinking buddies.

Be Well Philly

Workout: 14 Exercises Guaranteed to Make Your Muscles Scream

Tell those muscles to STFU, you’ve got work to do.

Be Well Philly

Workout: Kill It at the Gym With a Kettlebell

Or at home!

Be Well Philly

Workout: Your Ticket to Lean, Mean Legs

Here, your guide to making your legs feel like jelly (very, very strong jelly, that is).

Be Well Philly

Workout: The Countdown to Toned Muscles

This workout gets easier as you go. (#Winning)

Be Well Philly

How to Carve Your Muscles With Zero Equipment

A no-equipment workout you have no excuse to skip out on.

Be Well Philly

Let’s Redesign Your 30-Minute Workout

Because the best workout is one that gets you in and out of the work fast, right?

Be Well Philly

The Boredom-Defying Full-Body Workout

You’ll never have a chance to get bored in this quick-switching full-body sweat session.

Be Well Philly

Workout: The Quick (But Killer) 55-Rep Challenge

Get ready to sweat!

Philadelphia Wedding

The Intense, Do-Anywhere, 8-Minute Workout

Keep this workout from a local trainer in your back pocket to get dress-ready.

Be Well Philly

Do This: The 8-Minute All-Out Workout

Get ready for a serious cardio challenge.