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Food Editor


Philly Should Quit Cheap Meat

Coronavirus fully exposed the evils of American factory farming — an industry this cheap-meat-loving town can no longer ignore.

Be Well Philly

My Morning Moka Pot Is the Calm Before the Storm

I never thought I’d have such a fraught relationship with coffee.

women chefs

Video Chats With Philly Chefs Are Being Auctioned Off to Benefit Immigrant Workers

Ask Chefs Anything lands in Philly, giving you face-to-face access to the city’s best chefs. Virtually, of course.


Would You Pay This Much for Dinner If It Meant Your Server Got Health Insurance?

Ellen Yin presents a hypothetical menu with the prices adjusted to account for fair living wages and worker benefits.


Pray for the Philly BYOB

Without a grand reopening for restaurants, the upscale BYOB business model just isn’t sustainable.


Philly Restaurant Owners on How They’d Change the Industry in a Post-Coronavirus World

Ellen Yin, Ange Branca, Nick Elmi, and more on the evolution their industry desperate needs.


Finally, a Relief Fund for Philly Restaurant Workers That Isn’t a GoFundMe

The Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association built the Hospitality Assistance Response of Pennsylvania fund to help hospitality workers find some relief during the coronavirus crisis.


The PLCB Continues to Hamstring Independent Wine Retailers and Dealers

Harrowed with a lawsuit, the PLCB has resumed its special order program for restaurants and retailers. Now what?


Restaurant Merch I’d Buy Even If We Weren’t Face-to-Face With a Deadly Pandemic

Restaurants need our support now more than ever — which makes their tees, hoodies, and koozies a win-win for everybody.

City Life

I Didn’t Think the Apocalypse Would Involve So Much Working From Home in My Underwear

When the world is in the middle of a crisis, how are we supposed to focus on work?


This Isn’t Easy for Philly’s Big Restaurant Groups Either

CookNSolo and Starr Restaurants came under fire for how they dealt with mass employee lay-offs during the coronavirus crisis. But maybe we need to cut them some slack.


If the Restaurants Lose, So Will Philly

In the last two decades, Philly became one of America’s great food cities. What happens once we lose the thing that made us great?


Philly’s Biggest Chefs and Restaurateurs Demand Immediate Relief From Government

In an effort spearheaded by HipCityVeg’s Nicole Marquis, Philly’s most prominent restaurateurs — including Stephen Starr, Marc Vetri and Ellen Yin — are petitioning state officials to save the industry and its employees.


If Insurance Companies Won’t Help Our Restaurants, Who Will?

Philly restaurants are relying on takeout, delivery and charity to make it through the COVID-19 crisis. Where are the insurance companies when they need them?


One Last Supper Before the Restaurants Went Dark

Just last week, the reality of coronavirus still felt distant. And then, all of a sudden, it wasn’t.