Townsend Wentz Plans a “Down-and-Dirty” Spanish Tapas Restaurant for Midtown Village

Remember when “modern Spanish tapas” restaurants were all the rage? It was a grand ol’ time (in the early ’00s), when chefs could charge big mark-ups on tiny bites of food dressed in micro-greens, stamp the word “tapas” on it, and sling it out into the dining room where hungry guests would crowd around three peas on a shiny earthenware share-plate and call it a night. We loved it. Ate it up. Small plates? How European.

And then, we — like we always do — got bored of it. Sure, AmadaTinto, and Jamonera are all still there, alive and well. But we maxed out with our frou-frou Spanish restaurants, and slowly but surely, the tapas craze came to an end.

Well, kinda.

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Post Brothers Bets on Chestnut’s Retail Future (and Walnut’s Too)

This architect's rendering shows what 1520-22 Chestnut might look like once renovations are complete. | Rendering courtesy PH Retail

This architect’s rendering shows what 1520-22 Chestnut might look like once renovations are complete. | Rendering courtesy PH Retail Partners

“We’re bullish on Center City, and anytime we see an opportunity, we’re going to pursue it.”

That statement from Matt Pestronk explains in a nutshell why PH Retail Partners, the commercial real estate affiliate of Post Brothers, just purchased two properties on prime retail blocks west of Broad Street.

One, at the corner of 15th and Walnut streets, consists of three buildings with street-level retail and office space above. Two of the three retail spots are occupied, one by AT&T Mobility and the other by Club Monaco. The third space, whose last long-term tenant was a Puma store, currently has a pop-up tenant occupying the space. The other, a two-story retail building at 1520-22 Chestnut St., has been vacant since a Dollar Tree store closed last fall. Read more »

Warby Parker to Le Bec-Fin Site a Sign That Center City Is Changing


On the surface, Warby Parker opening a new location on Walnut Street isn’t huge news. Sure, having the tech-based eyeglasses startup in town brings in more tax revenue, raises the city’s cool factor, and ups our retail game another notch. But it means a whole lot more than that. It’s a sign that Center City’s retail landscape has changed in a big way.

First of all, it’s going into the old Le Bec-Fin space at 1523 Walnut. For years, Le Bec-Fin was the pinnacle of fine dining in Philadelphia led by legendary chef Georges Perrier. But times change, tastes change, and it finally closed in 2013. Chef Justin Bogle tried to resurrect the space as the more modern Avance but that closed after just 10 months. Read more »

Under Armour Flagship, Apartment High-Rise Planned for 16th and Walnut

1527-33 Walnut Street | Rendering via Pearl Properties, DAS

1527-33 Walnut Street | Rendering via Pearl Properties, DAS

Plans are starting to take shape for two key properties on the corner of 16th and Walnut, as owner Pearl Properties is busy working on designs for 1527 and 1529-33 Walnut Street–the former site of Lululemon and current home of the Brown Brothers Harriman Co. building, respectively.

“We are very excited and are still working on our final designs with our architect, DAS,” said James Pearlstein, the “Pearl” in Pearl Properties, in an email. ” Our plan is a mixed use residential apartment project anchored by two large retail spaces, Under Armour on the corner and an additional retailer to the east.”

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There Is a Single-Bedroom For Rent Near Rittenhouse Square

TREND photos via Coldwell Banker Preferred

TREND photos via Coldwell Banker Preferred

A roof deck and high speed elevator of some of the things residents in this “boutique building” on Walnut get to share, but the biggest bonus is probably its location: the residence is right off Rittenhouse Square.

This unit–no. 7–also has the added measure of brand new appliances in its quartz counter-topped kitchen. Bathrooms consist of porcelain tile flooring and shower surround, as well as wet bed shower floors.

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PHOTO: 13 People Already Lined Up Outside the Apple Store for New iPhones


The latest and greatest iPhone goes on sale tomorrow, and people are excited. It’s a new Apple product! Even if it were a really stupid product no one actually needs (say, a futuristic watch), people will always get excited for a new Apple release. Many have preordered an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but others have decided to queue up for it. Foobooz editor Arthur Etchells counted 13 people in line already for the new iPhones.

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Police Seek Information About Possible Homophobic Attack at 15th and Walnut Last Night

UPDATE, 9 p.m.: This evening I spoke with Caryn Kunkle, one of the first people to post on social media about the attack. She says she has been long-time friends with both victims. Although she was unwilling to provide their names, she did tell me that the men are 30 and 31 and described them as “tall, masculine-looking dudes.” Kunkle said the men were walking home when a group of approximately eight to ten young people bumped into them. After a very brief verbal confrontation where one of the attackers asked if the men were boyfriends, the group physically struck.

“It went from 0 to 100 miles per hour,” she said. “They were calling them ‘fucking faggots’ and everything.”

According to Kunkle, one of the victims fractured both his cheekbones and jawbone, and has a 2-inch laceration from his nose to inside his lip; he is scheduled to go into surgery Sunday morning.

Kunkle also said that the Special Victims Unit is involved and that they should be issuing a statement within the next several days.

ORIGINAL: According to posts on Facebook and Twitter earlier today, a gay couple were attacked by a gang of eight to 12 people at 15th and Walnut streets at approximately 11 p.m. Thursday night:

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The 5 Pieces We Want Most at the New Vince Store on Walnut Street


It’s heeeeere.

Every fashion girl in the city let out a cheer when Vince finally opened its Rittenhouse doors last week. To finally rid Walnut Street of the long-faded gaudy glory of Juicy Couture was a relief. To hear that it was being replaced by the simple luxury of Vince was nearly impossible to comprehend. It was like discovering your smelly slob of a neighbor was moving out and Ryan Gosling was moving in.

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Retail News: Calypso St. Barth is Coming to Walnut Street

Image via Calypso St. Barth.

Images via Calypso St. Barth.

The folks over at Racked Philly just reported that Calypso St. Barth is set to open on Walnut Street before the end of the month. The women’s brand is known for its luxury resort-style wear (read: lots of flowy, colorful pieces) and it’s reported that the store will also stock an array of exotic home furnishings. We just perused the brand’s website and their pseudo-bohemian looks have us seriously excited.

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May Theater Guide: What’s Opening On Stages This Month in Philadelphia

Our guide to what’s happening on Philly stages in May.

Looking for something else? We’ve compiled a good list of local events happening now through June in our Philadelphia Event Listings. Check it out here.

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