Habitat: Bespoke Tailoring in Rittenhouse

Master bathroom. Photography by Jason Varney

Master bathroom. Photography by Jason Varney

Moody, masculine style often gets an unfair rap: man caves, blob-like leather recliners, walls dominated by hulking flat-screens. But a local entrepreneur’s Federal-style townhome just off Rittenhouse Square defies convention thanks to a trio of pros who brought his overarching design directive — a European feel, the sort you get when wearing a finely tailored Savile Row suit — to life. Read more »

Should We Give the Stoners a Place to Smoke?

Pot protest

Photo | Dan McQuade

It had been a long week, and it was Friday afternoon. All I wanted was a contact high. I thought it’d make for a pretty funny story.

So I walked over from the Philadelphia magazine offices to Rittenhouse Square at 4:20 to cover the Toke Back the Wall protest. It was organized after the briefly enforced wall-sitting ban in Rittenhouse, which the Friends of Rittenhouse Square said was due in part to constant pot-smoking in the square. Read more »

Trinity Tuesday: An XXL Trinity in Rittenhouse for $600K

403 S 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. | TREND image via BHHS Fox & Roach, Realtors

403 S 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19146 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

Do you love a little bit of history with a modern twist?

If so, say hello to this expanded trinity built in 1917 and located in the heart of Rittenhouse Square.

With two Juliet balconies, a brick paver yard in need of a little bit of love, and that troublesome trinity staircase separating the second and third levels, it may appear that this property is the definition of a traditional trinity. However, its expansive size – for a trinity, of course – separates it from the rest of its kind.

New updates on the main level like the beautiful parquet floors, a marble mantel fireplace, and an adorable breakfast area fit with a floor-to-ceiling window and sliding glass doors add some modern touches that make this property even more special.

Oh, and let’s take a moment to appreciate the modified staircase between the first and second levels.

Speaking of the second level, potential buyers will be pleased to find not just one room, as a typical trinity offers, but three: a den, an office, and an expansive bedroom.

There’s also a full bathroom on the second level that could use a little work – but if you need some inspiration, just head up to the third level, which boasts another full bathroom that’s newly designed with sleek gray tiling, a modern stall shower, and a stylish vanity.

Two additional bedrooms finish off the third level. The laundry room is located in the basement, though, so don’t worry about hitting the gym on laundry day.

This expansive trinity has all the makings of a great home, from curb appeal to interior comfort.





SALE PRICE: $600,000

OTHER STUFF: This home’s price was reduced by $25,000 on Dec. 15.

403 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19146 [Mike McCann | BHHS Fox & Roach]

You Can’t Sit on the Wall in Rittenhouse Square Anymore

A sign says "no sitting on wall" in Rittenhouse Square

Photo | Dan McQuade

I heard the rumor. I saw the signs. But I had to check it out for myself.

So I went to Rittenhouse Square this afternoon at 2:34 p.m., grabbed a good spot on the wall and sat. At 2:49 p.m., a police officer told me I had to move. Yes, it’s true: You can no longer sit on the wall in Rittenhouse Square. (You might get 15 minutes of sitting time before a police officer notices, though.)

The officer — who is stationed in a patrol car inside the park — was incredibly apologetic. This was true all over; I observed another officer who actually told a man sitting on a bench not to light up his cigarette because there’s a park smoking ban. “I don’t want you to waste it,” the cop said.

The cop who stopped me told me the signs went up yesterday and Tuesday. Read more »

Alpha And Omega: Scarpetta Reviewed


Photo courtesy Briana Louise Photography

Along the arc of a graph reading “Why Is My Restaurant Not Good?,” two opposite mistakes hold down either end of the bell curve. On one side, you have a good concept crippled by poor execution. On the other are bad ideas masked by a talented, passionate crew trying like hell to fight its way out of a losing situation. Between these two points falls every other reason for a restaurant to go bad: terrible food, awful service, a coked-up owner snorting away the profits, rats, that weird smell, location, location, location. But existing with beautiful, snow-white purity are the alpha and omega of reasons: Either you had a good idea ruined by thumb-fingered losers who turn all gold to crap, or you had a bad concept that no amount of earnest polishing will ever make shine.

The first one? That’s unforgivable. And the second one is Scarpetta.

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating at Butcher Bar’s New Sunday Brunch

Butcher Bar opens Friday, September 2nd.

If you’re interested in a Saturday brunch, you’re out of luck. Sure, you can drop by Butcher Bar after 11:30 and order off the lunch menu, but that isn’t quite the same, is it?

No, if you’re interested in an actual brunch, Butcher Bar is offering theirs on Sundays only, from 10:30am until 2:30pm, and it started on New Year’s Day.

The offerings are very much in keeping with the style of Butcher Bar’s other menus: Comfort foods, lots of meat, a large-format meal for 6-8 people served family-style. There are beef-jerky-topped bloody marys, huckleberry skillet pancakes, an Italian meatball sandwich, a double cheeseburger called a “Royale With Cheese”. You wanna see the whole menu?

Of course you do.

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Now Open: Friday Saturday Sunday

Friday Saturday Sunday: Cocktails and dining

Friday Saturday Sunday: Cocktails and dining

Yesterday marked the rebirth of Friday Saturday Sunday off of Rittenhouse Square. But it is only the name that returns after the 18-month redo. The first floor is now where the bar action happens. A 14-seat marble bar pops in bright white. On opening night, bartender Paul MacDonald was already confidently pouring cocktails like the Oxford Comma, Nicaraguan rum, lemon, coffee, red wine and soda; and the Control State, vodka, lime, grapefruit, honey and savory bitters.

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Poi Dog Gets a Storefront

Poi Dog Is Comming to Rittenhouse

Poi Dog Is Comming to Rittenhouse

After close to four years as a food truck, Poi Dog’s Kiki Arranita and Chris Vacca are setting up a storefront. The Hawaiian food specialists are setting up shop at 102 South 21st Street, the former home of Rotisseur.

The brick-and-mortar location, which is just around the corner from Revolution Taco, another food truck concept that has come in from the cold, will feature many of the same favorites found at the food cart. The restaurant is aiming for an early 2017 opening but you don’t even have to wait that long to get a taste.

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