David Magerman Sues Breitbart Billionaire and Donald Trump Pal Bob Mercer

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Much has been written about Robert Mercer, the secretive New York hedge fund billionaire who has thrown lots of money at right-wing news outlet Breitbart as well as Donald Trump, and who was behind Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway getting such prominent roles in the White House. Well, now a prominent Main Line resident is taking him to court. Read more »

An Update On The Dairy


Hey, remember The Dairy? This was an idea from Citron & Rose’s Dave Magerman to follow up on the success of his first Kosher restaurant with a second, more casual eatery. It was originally scheduled to open on Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station in late fall, 2013, with a fallback date of January 2014.

Needless to say, the project missed those projections. But now we have some information on the project moving forward. From Magerman himself:

“We were thrown a lot of curves with the building we purchased for the project, and we had to suspend construction while we reevaluated the construction plans.  As of a few weeks ago, we have resumed construction with a new contractor and a new plan, and the projected completion date is sometime in mid-Fall. The new name of the project is the Six Points Dairy, to align it with the branding of the parent company, Six Points Restaurant Group, and our catering arm, Six Points Kosher Events.”

But wait, there’s more

From Movie Theater to French Hammered Pewter Countertop, David Magerman’s Gladwyne House Does Not Disappoint


$3.9 million is the asking price for Main Line Orthodox Jewish community leader David Magerman’s current residence at 1357 Hearthstone Lane in Gladwyne. The occasionally controversial philanthropist, restaurateur, and former hedge fund manager will soon move to his new home on Latches Lane in Merion, which is still under construction.

Some of Magerman’s soon-to-be new neighbors had grown accustomed to looking at the 75-year-old, 12,000-square-foot house that once stood on the 3.57 acre corner lot of Magerman’s new home. Magerman completely demolished that house to make room for his new one. Last year he told Property that the old house “was not very usable.”

The Hearthstone Lane house has five bedrooms that are “squeezed” into 9,629 of living space. That doesn’t include the 2,112 square foot very finished basement that’s home to a 13-seat movie theater. The entertainment center features oversized leather reclining chairs and is powered by a Kaleidescape server. In addition to the home theater, the house comes with five other flat screen TV’s, all 45” or larger.

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One Night Only: Kosher Sushi At Citron & Rose

Photo: liz spikol

So whenever I call up a place that has recently gone through a change in chef or concept and I’m looking to figure out how radically things will be changing, I nearly always ask, “So, you going to be turning into a sushi bar?”

And it’s a joke, right? I mean, when La Grenouille Apodes brings in a new chef to take over their all-frog-leg menu, odds are pretty good that they’re not going to be adding sushi to the board. But Citron & Rose–which has gone through some pretty significant changes in the past few months–actually is turning into a sushi restaurant. Well, for one night anyway.

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The Revisit: Citron & Rose

Photo: liz spikol

Photo: liz spikol

Best Milkshake, Best Bar Snack, Best Wine List at a Beer Bar, Best Homage To an Iconic Philly Food… It would be hard to argue that there weren’t enough awards in Philly Mag’s 2013 “Best of Philly” issue. We gave out 286 in all. But for me, the most interesting was the one I came to think of as number 287:

Best Evidence That God Looks After His Own.

Because isn’t that really what made Citron & Rose the most compelling restaurant opening of the past year? Sure, we could have slapped a Best Kosher Restaurant label on the place. But talk about a backhanded compliment. You might as well tell people, “Yep, if you’ve truly got no other option, that’s the place to go.”

No, what distinguished C&R was that it was good, period. Here was kosher food that anybody would want to eat.

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The Man Behind Citron and Rose


Ever wonder what really drove the split between partners Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook and notable rich person David Magerman at Citron and Rose on the Mainline?

See, 44-year-old David Magerman doesn’t generally approve of how other people spend his money. So he’s stopped producing movies, let go of one of the hottest chefs in America, and basically given the finger to the most powerful entity in Jewish Philadelphia—at least a few times. Beneath the overt tension between Magerman and his adopted community, however, lies an internal tension. Spiritual, philanthropic millionaire David, it turns out, might not be ready to say goodbye to cocky, hedge-fund millionaire David.

You can read all about Magerman, what makes him tick, and why he decided to sever ties with one of the best-known and most successful chefs in Philly in favor of catering bar mitzvahs over at phillymag.com.

The Controversial David Magerman [phillymag]

Citron and Rose Owner David Magerman Closes on Property for New Restaurant

david magermanDavid Magerman, owner of kosher restaurant Citron and Rose–formerly a partnership with Zahav chef Michael Solomonov–writes to say he’s just closed on the property for the future location of his next kosher project, The Dairy. The critically acclaimed and very busy C&R is part of Magerman’s broad vision for creating increasing resources for the observant Jewish community in Philadelphia. In terms of food, Citron & Rose is the only place a lot of people can eat outside of the home.

But C&R is decidedly upscale, and Magerman has been wanting to do something more accessible for a while. That’s what The Dairy is all about. The new restaurant will be at 321 Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station. It’ll probably open sometime between October and January.

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Citron & Rose Moves Forward


The last time we heard anything from Citron & Rose–the kosher restaurant opened in Merion by David Magerman, Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook–it was that Cook, Solo and their chef, Yehuda Sichel were leaving. It was a weird moment and no one really seemed to know what to make of the sudden rupturing of the partnership that had brought to the Main Line one of the most interesting restaurants it’d seen in years.

But now there’s new news from C&R, and it’s pretty big.

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