One Night Only: Kosher Sushi At Citron & Rose

Photo: liz spikol

So whenever I call up a place that has recently gone through a change in chef or concept and I’m looking to figure out how radically things will be changing, I nearly always ask, “So, you going to be turning into a sushi bar?”

And it’s a joke, right? I mean, when La Grenouille Apodes brings in a new chef to take over their all-frog-leg menu, odds are pretty good that they’re not going to be adding sushi to the board. But Citron & Rose–which has gone through some pretty significant changes in the past few months–actually is turning into a sushi restaurant. Well, for one night anyway.

So here’s the deal. Six Point Events (which is the catering arm of David Magerman‘s nascent kosher empire on the Main Line) is taking over Citron & Rose for one night. On February 8, from 7pm-10:30pm, the kitchen will be turning out a full-on (kosher) sushi menu. We’re talking tuna nigiri, salmon roe, yellowtail sashimi and rainbow rolls, some weirdness like chicken schnitzel rolls and a list of old favorites like chicken teriyaki, beef negi maki and miso soup.

So, for those of you out there who’ve just been aching for some kosher sushi, your wish has been granted. The house is saying that reservations for the event are absolutely required, so get on the phone now and claim your spot at the table. Because who knows if something like this is ever going to happen again.

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