An Update On The Dairy

Hey, remember The Dairy? This was an idea from Citron & Rose’s Dave Magerman to follow up on the success of his first Kosher restaurant with a second, more casual eatery. It was originally scheduled to open on Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station in late fall, 2013, with a fallback date of January 2014.

Needless to say, the project missed those projections. But now we have some information on the project moving forward. From Magerman himself:

“We were thrown a lot of curves with the building we purchased for the project, and we had to suspend construction while we reevaluated the construction plans.  As of a few weeks ago, we have resumed construction with a new contractor and a new plan, and the projected completion date is sometime in mid-Fall. The new name of the project is the Six Points Dairy, to align it with the branding of the parent company, Six Points Restaurant Group, and our catering arm, Six Points Kosher Events.”

The delays with opening The Dairy have led to some additional complications–namely that Six Points recently completed construction of a big commissary kitchen and bakery out in King of Prussia but have nowhere to sell their prepared foods and baked goods.

So Magerman and his people went out and rented a space next to Murray’s Deli on Montgomery Avenue in order to open Six Points Bagels And Bakery–a place for them to sell all the stuff that the commissary is producing while Six Points Dairy is under construction. There’ll be coffee, bagels, pastries, cakes, breads–everything you’d expect. And Six Points Bagels And Bakery is scheduled to open mid-June, pending township approval.