Be Well Workout of the Week: Get Ripped With a Medicine Ball in 24 Minutes Flat

All you need for this workout is a medicine ball. You know, the one that looks like a basketball but is deceivingly heavy. Most gyms should have a rack of medicine balls available, so choose a weight that is challenging but doable for a variety of exercises.

Here’s how the workout’s going to go: You are going to have four rounds of exercises, with each round lasting for six minutes. Each round will consist of a circuit of four exercises that you will complete as many times as you can in those six minutes. Got it? Okay, get to sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Cardio Challenge to Push Your Limits

Be warned: Your cardiovascular ability will be challenged in this workout — BIG time. Here’s how it’s going to work: make sure you warm up first, and then begin the workout by running a mile. And I mean run; push yourself to sustain a fast pace (whatever that means for you) for the entire mile.

After you run a mile, you’ll work quickly to complete a circuit of five exercises, starting with 10 reps of each exercising and decreasing the reps by one each round until you end with one rep of each.

And that’s not the end: To finish off the cardio challenge, you’re going to run another mile with everything you have left. Hey, it’s called a challenge for a reason.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 90-60-30 Challenge

This is a workout for everyone. No matter what your fitness level is, you can complete this workout at your own pace. Here’s the deal: You’re going to be working in timed rounds of exercises, rather than pushing yourself to complete a certain number of reps. That means that you — and only you — are in charge of how many reps of each exercise you complete. (So yes, you could slack off, but we know you won’t.)

For the first round, you’ll set your stopwatch and complete each exercise for 90 seconds. Then, once you’ve gone through all the exercises, you’ll start again, this time setting your timer for just 60 seconds. The third round will be a measly 30 seconds for each exercise. The entire shebang should last you just around 35 sweaty minutes.

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your stopwatch and get movin’!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Shred Your Muscles With Just a Resistance Band 

This workout requires minimal space and equipment, which makes it a great one to do while you’re traveling and you don’t have access to a gym or tons of space to move around: All you need is an exercise band (or maybe two of different resistances, if you have those on deck). So next time you go on vacation, you’ve got no excuse to skip out on your sweat sessions — just bookmark this workout and throw your exercise bands in your bag!

Here’s how it works: You’ll complete a circuit of exercises four times, with reps decreasing each round, starting at 25 reps the first round and making your way down to 10 reps the last round. You’ll start with exercises where the band is in a high-anchor position then move on to exercises with the band at a mid-anchor position, eventually making your way down to a low-anchor position. Happy sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 12-Sprint Challenge 

This workout requires some sprinting. And when I say sprinting, I mean move as fast as you — here’s the key — can safely move. So, if you are just starting out in your sprinting game and your sprint is fast walk, then walk as fast as your legs will go. If you are a seasoned runner, then you know your sprinting pace, so push yourself to a fast sprint during these intervals.

Now, that said, the workout is going to go like this: You’ll start with a circuit of five exercises, then complete three 30-second sprints with one minute of rest in between. Make sure your rest is active, so either jog or walk to keep moving between sprints. You’ll complete the entire circuit, sprints included, four times. Ready, set, go!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Triple-Attack Workout

For this week’s workout you are going to work in triplets. That is, three exercises working the same muscle group done in a row. For example, you’ll start with 25 squats, then go right into 20 squat pulses, and end with 15 squat jumps. That will be followed by a different set of three exercises that target a another area of your body. You’ll work through those six exercises three times before moving on to the next set. Yeah, we’re not going to lie: It’s going to be shake-inducing.

You’ll do a total of three pairs of exercises targeting a total of six body parts in nine round. My brain hurts, too. But I promise, once you get started it’s not that confusing. So hop to it!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Fast and Furious Full-Body Workout 

For this week’s workout, you have 35 minutes to do as many rounds of the exercises below as you can. That means it’s up to you to push yourself as hard as you can for those entire 35 minutes. As you’re working through the rounds and it starts to get tough, just remember: It will only last for 35 minutes you can totally make it! And when it’s over and you’re a sweaty mess, you’ll feel great knowing that you are stronger and even more fit than when you started. Promise.

So grab a set of weights, put 35 minutes on the clock and get sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Cardio-Strength Challenge

This workout will challenge not only your strength, but also your cardio. Why challenge both at the same time? Well, because pairing strength and cardio is an excellent way to challenge your overall fitness and train different systems of your body.

The idea is to work hard during each round — you’ll do four total — then really use the one minute in between rounds to recover. So, as you go through these moves, work hard and work fast, transitioning quickly from one exercise to another and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. And note: The only equipment you need for this workout is a set of dumbbells, so you can do it just about anywhere. Now, ready, set, sweat!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Tone Up With Heavy Weights and Low Reps 

This workout is going to focus on using heavy weights to work your muscles in just a few reps. You’ll start by doing 10 reps of each exercise listed below. Then, you’ll work your way down in reps, eventually just doing two reps of each exercise.

As you go through the rounds and the reps decrease, continue to increase the amount of weight you use so that the last rep of each set is very challenging. The focus of this type of workout is power with each rep, rather than endurance, so make each rep count! Happy sweating!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Shred Your Entire Body With One Dumbbell

This workout will challenge your entire body using only one free weight. Pretty cool, right? And you don’t even need very much space to bust this workout out, so you’re officially running out of excuses not to do it.

So, your instructions: All you need to do is complete 12 reps of the six exercises listed below for a total of five rounds. So grab a weight that is challenging for all of the exercises and get sweating, folks!

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