10 Things Every Smart Parent Needs on Their Disney World Packing List

Shop now, make your Disney vacation a little less painful (or a little more magical, however you want to look at it) later.

disney world packing list

Be prepared for all the magic with this Disney World packing list. Photograph by Regan Fletcher Stephens

Sure, it’s easy to buy pretty much anything you forget to pack right at the park, but with a little planning (and our sweet insider tips), come prepared, and save money to boot. All the more for Mickey-shaped ice cream bars.

1. Rain Ponchos

disney world packing list
Does it look like you’re wearing a chic trash bag? Undeniably. But when the rain comes — and it’ll probably come at some point during your vacation — you’ll feel so happy (and probably a little smug) that you don’t have to buy a $20 chic trash bag from the gift shop. The pack comes with 20 ponchos in a variety of sizes. $16.49 on Amazon.

2. Umbrella

disney world packing list
This compact umbrella can be stashed under a stroller or in a fanny pack (Disney is a judgement-free-fashion zone) and popped open during the aforementioned inevitable rainstorm. $9.99 on Amazon.

3. Stroller Fan

disney world packing list
Florida’s weather can get swampy in the summer and not much more bearable in the winter. Avoid meltdowns (the literal ones) while waiting in lines with this battery-powered fan that clips on to your stroller. $18.99 on Amazon.

4. Handheld Fan

disney world packing list
For the stroller-free set, these smaller-than-an-iPhone rechargeable fans are easy to stuff in a bag. You can fill the conjoined water bottle to add a cooling spritz to the breeze, too. $13.99 on Amazon.

5. Battery Pack

disney world packing list
Between updating your digital FastPass lineup and documenting every moment of Mouse-infused magic and your cell phone will die of exhaustion at some point. Bring it back to life in minutes with this portable charger, which works with iPhones and Androids. $25.97 on Amazon.

6. Frogg Toggs Cooling Towel

disney world packing list
We don’t know how it works because we’re not scientists, but wet this enchanted towel with cold water and it’ll stay cool — and keep you cool — for hours. $9.99 on Amazon.

7. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

disney world packing list
In print for over three decades, this often-updated expert handbook has vital info on new attractions — like the just-opened Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge — and gives step-by-step tips that will help you wring every last drop of fun out of your Disney experience. $14.41 on Amazon.

8. Mouse Ears

disney world packing list
Ordering Disney merch before your trip will save you some serious cash (the park gift shops can charge double and sometimes triple for similar goods). Plus, if you don’t wear your ears on the flight to Orlando, how will the entire plane know you’re Disney-bound? $9.99 on Amazon.

9. Matching Disney T-shirts

disney world packing list
The moment you step foot on Disney World property and see the sea of families in matching tees is the moment “I would never” turns into “I wish we thought of that.” From $8.99 on Amazon.

10. Portable Toys

disney world packing list
A Disney vacation is about 20% rides, 20% eating churros, and 60% waiting in line for both of those things. Mini tubs of Play Doh, packs of Wikki Stix, stickers, and crayons are all lightweight and can be busted out to distract your crew during long line waits. From $12.13 on Amazon.

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